At Latch Mobile, our mission is to take the worry out of giving kids a smartphone and help parents have conversations before there are consequences.

We know kids are a tap away from content they just shouldn't see--whether on YouTube, Instagram, or millions of other places. And they're just a conversation away from some very dark places--conversations that can happen in almost any app and with almost anyone.

Porn, drugs, sexting, violence, or worse. Disappearing messages and anonymous chats. New apps, new threats. As parents, we need to know when our kids are getting into trouble and when to intervene, but we don't want to spy.

That's why we started Latch Mobile.

With over twenty years of experience in cybersecurity, our team has created an intelligent app for parents that monitors what kids do on their phones and lets you know only when you should be concerned and why.

There are parental control and tracking apps out there, but Latch Mobile is the only solution that balances a parent's right to know with a child's privacy. We keep you informed without intruding on everything your child does, and we keep you involved when it matters. Our goal is to support better parenting through technology.

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