This holiday season many children will receive their first smartphone. The perfect age to give them a phone is up to the parents, but no matter the age, phone safety should be a top-of-mind concern. Gifting a child their first cell phone without a discussion about safety and usage boundaries could have terrible unintended consequences.

In prior articles we’ve addressed possible ways to follow your children on social media, monitor the time they spend on the phone, and reach an agreement on appropriate tech behavior at home. All of these elements bear discussion before the phone is activated. However, once the phone is operational what is the best way to proceed as a parent?

At Latch Mobile we believe that starting phone ownership on the right foot is key to long-term happiness and security for both the parents and the children. That is why we’ve created a solution to give both parents and children peace of mind. When you gift a cell phone to your child, install our service on both of your phones right from the start. From the second the phone is activated, it will provide parents with real time alerts whenever there is inappropriate content, a dangerous conversation, or harmful activity regardless of the app or website in which it occurs.

This means that as a parent you can know what is going on but you can still give your child some privacy and space to grow. Our service only shares detailed information when there is a reason for concern—everything else stays private and secure. For kids, this means they can use their phone without mom or dad looking over their shoulder—until they need to. Ultimately, having this installed on family smartphones will provide everyone with safety and peace of mind for as long as you want. And that is quite possibly the best gift you can give any parent.